A Look Back….

Great things come from small beginnings……just think of the acorn becoming a mighty oak. So it goes for the early beginnings of The Giving Tree in 1997 when it all started as an informal network of women giving to those in need. The outreach grew until December of 2007, when like-minded women decided to expand and reach for new heights.

What is The Giving Tree of Hummelstown and Hershey?

The Giving Tree of Hummelstown and Hershey is a local grassroots group of passionate, energized women dedicated to providing basic necessities to other women and their families right here in our community. We operate through a rich database of resources to find solutions. We network and make connections. We provide assistance necessary to help women and their families through times of crisis or transition. We Empower versus Enable and we are there for everyone, not just those who are economically unable.


Branching Out For One Another!

Leaves – The communities of Hummelstown and Hershey.  Women and their families in crisis or transition

Roots – The many Giving Tree volunteers are all rooted in goodness

Branches – Our Network is always branching out to help one another

Trunk – Our Connectors are out in the Community identifying those in need











Advisory Board

Kim Balog
Robin Dickinson
Barb Garrabrant
Becky Hilgers
Beth Klahre

Ginger Lowe

Kim Schaller
Vicki Shorts